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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today is the last day of 2009 and New Year's Eve day is a day I look forward to each year. Norman works on New Year's Eve and, in fact, during the 18 years I've been with him I've never spent a New Year's Eve with him. He does call, without fail, at midnight, every single year. Ethan and I make Tina's famous crab ball, watch a movie together and maybe have a toast (him with sparking cider, me with champagne) sometime during the evening. Each year we both try to stay up to midnight, but usually we don't make it.

I spend some time thinking about the year we're leaving and the passage of time. I also spend time thinking about the year we're entering and my goals for that year. Last year my focus was on building my wedding business and opening a studio...both goals have been accomplished! I have an amazing amount of weddings booked for 2010 and I'm so excited about the couples that I'll be spending some time with! For the coming year, I have certain goals in mind: to figure out what I'm going to do with my studio, to find some balance in my life and spend more time with my family, to travel a bit (anyone know of anyone getting married in any place other than Jersey/PA/DE??) and to get published in a bridal magazine. There! Those goals should keep me busy during 2010 and I know it's going to be a fabulous year.

Thank you, my blog readers, for stopping in to spend a part of your day with me. I also wanted to thank the many couples and families who entrust me with their memories. It has been my pleasure meeting all of you...I'm constantly amazed at your generosity and the outpouring of love I receive from all of you! After all, I wouldn't give up my weekends with my family for just any pursuit and I've found that when I'm with my couples and their families on a wedding day, I'm treated like part of their family. Thank you all!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2010!

xoxo Denise



Jennie said...

aw, happy new year denise! i will be so excited for you if you are published next year.