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In a Word: The Contest

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've taken a lot of pictures this year and I can tell you that some of my favorites come from the engagement sessions that I do. An engagement session helps me see how you photograph, it helps you get used to me and my style, and it helps us get to know one another. I can't stress how important it is. Couples usually start out hesitant and then by the time the session is over can't believe that 1.5 hours have elapsed and they also can't believe that they actually had some fun!

Locations and clothing matter in an engagement session. I've had brides buy new clothing (lots of it), get their hair, makeup and nails done (one groom this year also had a mani)! They emailed, called and texted me with clothing and location questions. I love nothing more than when a bride shows up for her session wearing a fabulous pair of shoes or boots. They change clothing in cars or in deserted locations out in the open (once in a while there's an actual restroom).

My first engagement session this year was with Michelle and Jason (who, by the way, are now happily married). During the shoot a word popped into my head when I saw how they were looking at each other: ADORE. That word described them perfectly as I saw them that day. I then figured out a word for every couple who I had an E session with and I posted that word on my blog along with their shots. Sometimes it was very easy, sometime more difficult, but I always came up with a word.

Now for the contest. If you are a past, present or future bride, you are eligible to participate and must email me your answers by Monday January 4th at midnight. The first person to get it right wins and the winners will be announced on the blog Tuesday morning.

2nd place contest is this: Tell me the most popular name of my brides for 2010. I have 5 2010 brides with this one name!

In a Word contest: Match these couples up with the word I gave them on my blog:

Michelle and Jason
Latrice and Vince
Jamie and Mike
Melissa and Josh
Jennie and Cristian
Jenn and Derrick
Meredith and Dan
Donna and Michael
Angela and Joe
Kristin and Brian
Nicole and Dave
Nicole and Andrew
Alexis and Vinnie
Nicole and Mike
Chrissy and Dave
Jessica and Jared

Good luck and here's one hint: I didn't start shooting E sessions until May this year, so you can ingore Jan-April on my blog!