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Red Robin

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weddings are long days for wedding photographers. On your feet. For about 12 hours. OK, so it's a long day, but I love it. The next day, however, is a bit of a different story. I wake up with my muscles aching...that does wear off after I'm up and about. Here's what I treat myself to the day after a wedding: Red Robin. You'll find Ethan and I there on plenty of Sunday's! Please don't judge me because I do LOVE a good burger :)

Yesterday's wedding was amazing and now the real work begins of cutting about 3000 images down to a manageable size, getting rid of the duds, and then putting the shots online for Michelle and Jason to see next week when they return from their honeymoon. Today we can't go to Red Robin. We're going to visit my dad and his wife in Allentown, PA so we'll be having a big pasta lunch! Hey, that works too.

All shots taken with my iPhone using Chase Jarvis' The Best Camera (is the one that's with you) App. If Michelle's dad is reading this, this is what you need to search for in the app store.



The ceiling


Ethan amusing himself with his cell phone.


If I can work later today and get some photos edited, my goal is to start blogging Michelle and Jason's wedding photos tomorrow!