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Chrissy and Dave, Part 2, The Orchard

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chrissy and Dave came to my studio this summer to meet with me. Chrissy made a point to tell me she was not photogenic. When I met them again last weekend at my studio, Chrissy reminded me again that they weren't photogenic...hummm, if you know me you know I love a challenge! I have to say that people usually 'aren't photogenic' because they aren't comfortable in front of a camera..that, then, shows in their faces. I think I've proved Chrissy wrong...not only is she photogenic, she's lovely! Once we got going, I think they forgot about my camera, that, plus that fact that I seemed to make them both laugh.

It was getting dark quickly and I wanted to shoot Chrissy and Dave in a local pear orchard. I think these are pear trees, but I'm not 100% sure, so if I'm wrong, please leave a comment. I warned them that since we'd have to park our cars on the side of the road, that the police would likely show up, which they did in the first five minutes we were there. Once the officer saw what we were doing, and that we were OK, he left us alone. I've been wanting to shoot here for weeks, and I'm glad we got the chance. I took along lighting, which I don't normally do, and I LOVE the way these shots look. A bit different from my usual.

I am so glad that Chrissy and Dave picked me to photograph their wedding in February. They are both super super sweet and beautiful inside and out! They are both very brave, too. Not only did they celebrate two Thanksgiving dinners last weekend, they settled on a new house, started to move, had their engagement session and are still planning a wedding! Wow, I always like to think I'm type A, but this has me floored! In a word, their love for each other and for life is irrepressible!

This is the pear tree orchard before I got my light out! Nice shot, I think.....


Now here's the orchard after I got my light out. Better shots, don't you think?

Watch the sky; you can see how the sky gets darker and darker in each photo:



LOVE the blue sky!





Good thing Chrissy likes these shots with the off-camera light. She and Dave are getting married in February and they're going to be seeing this light again!

PS: Chrissy gave me the BEST peppermint bark. It was the best bark I've ever had....and everyone I shared it with thought so too. She bought it at Macy's in case you love bark, too!


Jennie said...

Denise, these are so dramatic! :)

Anonymous said...

D - Love the shots with the lighting!! They turned out just great! Tina