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Mullica Hill Floral Company

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I do like to support small business owners on my blog. Here's my neighbor at my studio..the Mullica Hill Floral Company! Hilda is the sweetest person to be neighbors with. I stop in to chat with Hilda and look at her beautiful flowers. If you know Mullica Hill, you can't miss Hilda's LIME GREEN barn! Lime Green is literally my favorite color, so maybe that's why I love being near her barn so much!

Here's Hilda...



Here's the amazing barn!



Here are some flowers outside the barn....



These shots were taken last month with my rented tilt-shift lens~ I love the dreamy effect.


Sharyn Frenkel Photography said...

I love these!!!

Jody said...

I loveee those metal fences. Would love some in my garden..oneday.

I love this barn! Like I said to you once I think it will make an Awesome background for portraits =)