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Opening Day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday was amazing! I was at the studio all day and folks stopped in, some tooks cards and magnets, and I really had a great time just being there. Norman told me that he talked to someone at the local hardware store who said my space used to be a used car lot (hence the A1 sign) as late as back in the 70's! Cool. I love the 50's feel of the shape of the building, so I imagine it was a used car lot going back even further.

I hope the vibes of past used-car-salesman bring me good luck. I have a meeting with a bride today and another meeting with another bride tomorrow evening.

Here's what you see when looking in.


This is looking out to the left. Keep in mind my wedding photos should arrive tomorrow.


I spied Norman and E across the street looking in at me!