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RIP iPhone

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's my sad iPhone after I dropped it in the driveway. It had no case around it, so when it hit the ground, the glass cracked.  There's two big pieces of packing tape wrapped around it to keep the shards from hurting me.  

Yesterday I bought the new iPhone G3.  Let's see: it cost less than my first generation iPhone did, but the data plan with ATT and the texting now cost more. Humm.... I'm still the biggest fan of Apple.  I plugged the new phone into my computer and it backed it up, restoring it back to the way I had my old phone set up.  Completely restored,  every picture, song and application.  Apple is amazing that way.  I now have a cute pink case to protect my new investment. 


Diane said...

Ouch!! I did that to an expensive SLR camera once. Dropped it and destroyed the LED screen. Thank heavens for the service plan--it paid to replace the whole camera!