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Thursday, January 15, 2009

This dog has been bad lately.  Here's what he did.  We had our football-shaped pretzels last Sunday for the big game, he jumped up on the counter and ate a pretzel, complete with mustard and the little plastic container that the mustard was in.  On Monday he jumped up and ATE A STICK OF BUTTER.   He wasn't feeling so well, following those over-indulgences, and we awoke one morning to the evidence of just how bad he was feeling. Yuck. 

The bottom shot was a real polariod that I took the other day and scanned. 


Diane said...

Bad puppy! That reminds me of the time that Paul and I gave a left-over ham bone to Turner and he got sick from it. I still feel bad about that--for him getting sick and for you having to clean it up!