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Monday, January 26, 2009

Just trying to get the light right in this shot, it was the very first shot I took, and I like it even if it's horribly overexposed!

Just like the Target ads of the girl jumping....

Yesterday Sydney and I braved the cold to take some fun outdoor shots. I brought lots of equipment which we had to cart around, but the results are fabulous, I think.  A cop pulled over to see what we were doing, but he was so enchanted by Syd, that he smiled and told us to "have fun".  A friend pulled over too and you'll see some of those shots later this week.  

Click on any shot to make it larger.  More tomorrow and later this week. 

A big thanks to Syd for being such a trooper.  She's an actress and singer in a local band, so modeling is right up her alley.  Frankly, she can't take a bad picture, so my job was sooo easy yesterday.