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Kiss Album

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The album comes in this cool packaging to help protect it during shipping.  It's also more environmentally-friendly than peanuts.

The cover in the nicest leather I've seen in an album. 

The pages are nice and thick.

With no gutter down the middle, the pages will lay flat.

The back is stamped with a 'Kiss" on my sample. 

For brides and grooms out there, this is the album I use for my "Beg" package.  It is a top-of-the-line leather album, square, 12x12 in size. You have your choice in many colors of leather, including this bright red, hot pink and a beautiful green, along with more traditional colors, and the book comes with the fabric cover you can see below the album in the last shot to protect it. The sample above is a 10x10 album, so the album I use in my package is larger than what you see above!