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Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you know that Polaroid is going to stop producing its famous film at the end of this year?  You'll be able to buy it for as long as they have reserves of it;  when the reserves are gone, the film is done.  That's sad.  I remember my grandfather always with his Polaroid Land Camera taking pictures and us eagerly awaiting those shots to develop. I'll always remember him with a Polaroid camera in his hands.  Who knows, maybe that's why I'm a photographer.  

I found this application, Poladroid, for free on the internet.  You add a shot and it turns it into a Polaroid-type of thing--all digital, of course.   Here's a sample above.  You can see from the two Poladroid shots that they turn out differently each time. FUN!

Oh, and an update on my comments:  We're at 16 !  Thanks and keep those comments coming!