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Monday, November 24, 2008

It really snowed on Friday.  It was the beautiful and wet kind of snow that was big, fluffy, and stuck to everything, except the roads.  Really, it was perfect.  I got these shots when I was taking Ethan to school and I LOVE the school bus shot!  I really love it. (Really, click on it to see it larger, and then you'll see what I mean about how fantastic it is!)

When I took Ethan to school I had a sore throat, by noon I had what I thought was a cold. Annoying but not too bad, so I could work all day just fine.  By 5pm I was in bed with chills and aches, and that's basically where I spent the rest of the weekend. I still have a pounding headache and I'm alternating between being overheated and having the chills.  At this point I think it's in my chest and that I might have a sinus infection on top of it all. So, my 'cold' turned into the flu, I think, and now I'm wondering how much longer I have to go  until I feel better.   Here's what I did not do this weekend:

1.  I did not do my Thanksgiving grocery shopping
2. I was supposed to go to a party yesterday, one that I had really been looking forward to, and I did not go to that.
3. I didn't eat very much (which helped me drop a few more pounds, so that part is good)
4. I didn't interact with my son at all. 
5. My mom is coming tomorrow and I didn't wash the guest room linens  yet.  

Really, when have you ever gotten sick at a convenient time?  On top of all the stuff I have to do before Thanksgiving (and I'm not sure how I'm going to squeeze that in considering today I have Ethan's parent teacher conference and a dentist appointment...which I would cancel but they'll charge me since it's the last minute.....and I have to go to work)  TODAY IS OUR 13 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!  HAPPY ANNIV TO NORMAN (who has forgotten, I think.)   

I hope anyone reading this has a great day and thanks for putting up with my whining. 


Nicole Kennedy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Feel better soon, that stinks!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Diane said...

Try to not sweat the small stuff. You'll eat (even if it isn't turkey) and the linens don't have to be clean until Mom goes to bed. Get some rest and feel better soon!