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Red Mushrooms

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These crazy red mushrooms were growing out of our mulch last week. They'd come up in the morning and then crumple during the day, so by the evening, they'd literally be laying along the mulch. New ones would pop up the next day. We don't have as many this week as we did last here they are to enjoy.

You'll note I'm back to digital. I did order a used Canon film camera yesterday and I'm sooo excited to get it. I was explaining to someone that after years of digital we all forget how lovely film is and how beautiful film pictures are. Plus, it's something 'new' to get me excited about photography all over again. I have a busy fall coming up, which starts this Sunday, and I can't wait to use my film camera along with my digital. The only problem is, I'm going to have to send the exposed rolls of film to a professional lab, in Los Angeles, and then wait for the film to be processed and scanned on CD's for me. These images will be larger than the ones CVS did for me and I'll be able to post large images once I receive the CD's back. But most of you know how I hate to wait, so waiting will be torture for me!