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The Ducks

Thursday, June 04, 2009

While I was waiting for a family shoot on Sunday at a local park, I had the opportunity to shoot some of the ducks! Tomorrow I'll show you a few of the family shots, but my computer is now completely FULL, yes FULL! I don't even have any photos on my hard drive, but the computer is clogged by big programs (ie: Photoshop, etc), and now it's time to buy a new computer. In the middle of editing some of the family shots for my blog, my computer decided it was done! There's nothing else I can delete and nothing else I want to move to an external hard drive, so I'm done editing until I get my new Mac...considering the Mac Pro!

Sorry for the rant!

Finally, Happy Birthday to my dear husband....Norman!!!! He has to work about 15 hours today, so if you know him, call him on his cell to wish him HBD...I think he'd like that!






Diane said...

Duck, duck, GOOSE!! :)

Jody said...

lol at diane. I esp. like the one with the wee babys in the water.