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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hi everyone! I don't have a photo prepared for today, so I'll just leave you with this thought, in the hope that we'll have a bit of a discussion. For some reason I've been thinking a lot about time lately (maybe because I'm coming up on a birthday and I'm not getting any younger:) I think I've posted this before, but if you take an average person, and I think I read somewhere that the avg. person lives to be 84 years old, then that avg person ONLY GETS 30,660 days on this earth. If you break it out that way, it doesn't seem like you get too much time, does it?

This is why I've been thinking about time and my theory of life, which is: Don't tread water. We can all go through our days working jobs we don't love, coming home, watching tv (or doing some other brain-cell killing activity) but for me that's not a great way to live out those 30,000 days! Time will pass, but at the end I think you'll look back and say "what did I do with that time?"

A lot of people have jobs they don't love. In this economy, you can't really quit to follow your dream to go backpacking in Europe for three months (Ok, well some people can... you know who you are...) Some ways to combat treading water that aren't too drastic: You have to do something you love (find a hobby or some pursuit). Spend time with people you love. Get involved in a charity or organization that does good things for people less fortunate that you are. Make a change in your daily routine. Get outside and take a walk now that Spring is coming!

Easier said than done, but a small change can often provide big results (at least as far as your outlook on life is concerned). You guys may know that I work a lot. I"m up at 5 and out the door by 7am and most days I don't return until 7pm when it's time for me to do more work on my business until I go to bed. I'm getting run down and my mind needs a break--keep in mind that I don't watch TV. I've made a real effort these past few weeks to make some positive changes. I am trying to exercise again (since that does wonders for my outlook), and I've really been trying to spend more time with my son and husband.

One thing that's new (and as if I needed more to do with my time) I've signed up to do some pro bono legal work in a project being run by the South Jersey legal aid and the Rutgers School of Law. I thought that helping children get benefits they deserve would be a good use of my time and law degree. Helping others has been shown to have very positive effects on people and has been shown to promote happiness.

I didn't want this to turn into a discussion about my life, but want to know what you guys do to promote your own happiness! Please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

What promotes my happiness... putting all 3 kids to bed (without arguments) by 8pm! Seriously, going out with my friend who I haven't seen in months did wonders for me. Also, making sure my daughter has one on one time with my husband. The look on her face when they came home from the Phantoms game this Sunday was priceless. Just the idea that Spring is right around the corner puts a smile on my face.