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Friday, February 27, 2009

I love to look at blogs by other photographers.  Some blogs I check daily and some I check once a week or so.  There are these photographers in CA doing some really cutting-edge work and giving back to other photographers by providing free advice on running a business, free wedding album-design templates (which I LOVE) and other goodies.  I look at their site a few times per week and there's always something new for me to see.  These guys are also Search Engine Optimization experts.  With today's Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc, they are providing great tools for helping us photographers maximize social media as a marketing tool.  Who knew there was so much to learn!   Well, tofurious does, and they're out there helping others learn this stuff.

Anyway, today I saw that they are providing 'Grunge Textures'.  If any other photographers out there look at my blog, be sure to go to

Check out their entire site, while you are there, and you'll see lots of great stuff.  I'm a huge fan of these guys and am very grateful for the tools they've provided so far.