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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hello! I've been very lazy lately, and haven't been taking any pictures;  consequently, I have nothing to post.  I have been busy working behind the scenes.  I have a surprise coming with my blog--a whole new design. I'm working with super talented Madeline Miller who is redesigning my blog. I can't wait to unvail that. I'm also working with my graphic designer to redo all my wedding pricelists.  I don't know, I think a zillion brides got engaged over the holiday (and in the fall) because I'm getting a ton of inquiries about weddings for this year.  I've actually had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of couples who are planning some amazing weddings which I'd love to shoot. 

May is looking up to be fully booked as I have a lot of shoots scheduled already!  The couples that I have booked for weddings are choosing May for their engagement shoots, and on about 3 of them we're going into Philadelphia for the shoots.  That should be fun. April is usually fine, too, so if you want a shoot, don't let April's bad rep for rain scare you.  

Finally, later this month I have a shoot scheduled with Syd, the lead singer in the Love Jones Band.  It'll be cold, but I'm very excited since I'll be trying out some new lighting techniques.  I might ask for a few more volunteers as I work on my off-camera lighting.  If you are interested in driving to Swedesboro on a sunday afternoon in Jan or Feb, let me know! 

Oh, and just one more thing, we, as a family, are looking for a nice little trip on Ethan's spring break. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.  It'll only be the equivalent of a long weekend, so we can't really do anything too far...but I'm just stuck on what to do!

Happy Tuesday,


Meghan said...

That's great to hear that you're making business, Denise! Good luck. :-D