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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is a historic day for the country. I have many friends who have been counting down the current administration's last days in office.  Whether  you voted for Obama or not, it's my opinion that this country needs some fresh air and fresh ideas in the White House...and it appears, so far, that Obama is the man to do it. Things were going nowhere under the current White House (well, no where but down) and this new President can bring some much needed change to the country.  

Anyway, when I work from my home office, I look out my office door and here's what I see:  my GIANT canvas of E! I think it's crooked, which we can fix, but aside from that, I love it.  Here too is my bad dog.  He started running away, out of the yard, into the street and into the neighbor's yards, so we put our invisible fence back on.  So, now he's back to only our yard.   As bad as he's been, he's still the best-behaved dog we ever had.  And, as Norman says: "He's a very smart dog."  He's no dummy; in fact, he's currently sleeping upstairs on the guest room bed.