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Pallet Co., Part 1

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This was the very first shot I took, and when it starts off this good, it can only get better.

Well, the youngest sister called me about a non-traditional photo shoot. It seemed she was coming up from college in VA and her brother from Tampa, FL, for a wedding.  Since they'd all be together,  it was the perfect time for a shoot--something will end up as a Christmas gift for their parents.  We really did have fun and you can tell that the three siblings, even though they live far apart, are close.  They did almost anything I asked them, in this abandoned building.  I hope you like these shots, I know I do.

And yes, Doug is in a band in Tampa.  I told him if I'm ever in Tampa I'd love to take some shots for his band!

More tomorrow and click on any single shot to view it larger.