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Not So Calm: 12AM

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The commotion started shortly after 11:30pm. I heard truck engines and saw flashing lights. Always curious, I peeked out of my curtains to see fire trucks, lots of fire trucks. I woke up Norman to say: "I think one of our neighbors may have a fire." We went downstairs and opened up the garage doors to take a look. It turns out our neighbor's house was blocking our view, so Norman walked down the driveway, in the pouring rain, to see what was going on. No one's house looked visibly burned, but there were more than 8 firetrucks lining our little street. That's 8 large truck engines running, radios blaring, and lights flashing for about an hour. Personally, I'm just glad no one's home was seriously damaged, that no one got hurt, and that if I need to call 911 it's good to know they'll show up in full force.