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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy *and maybe my favorite!

I used to work with Nicole at CIGNA in Center City, Philadelphia.  I was in the law department and she was in Public Affairs. About two years ago, we were 'restacked' and were moved onto the same floor. I saw her a few times, and I said to my co-worker, and friend, Tina: "Did you see that girl with the swinging hair who always looks so happy?"  She said something like: "Sure, what's not to be happy about, she's gorgeous, young, thin, and, apparently, in love. I'd be happy too."   Little did either Tina or I know then that Nicole was also one of the nicest people on that big 'ole floor!  Nicole and Shawn are on their honeymoon, but I wanted to thank Nicole for being the first (paying) person to really believe in me as a photographer! Your wedding was amazing and I wish you and Shawn every happiness as you begin your life together.  

PS: I knew if I looked long enough I'd find some "love" amongst the pink lockers!  Look for the rest of the wedding tomorrow.