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Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is the funniest truck. I see it some mornings on the Blue Route and I wonder:  Has anyone else ever heard of Bimbo Bread and doesn't this little cartoon remind you of the Pillsbury Dough Boy?  I have never seen this type of bread, so each time I see this truck I have a little chuckle in my car.  Happy Sunday!

Shots from my library photography class tomorrow!


Dana said...

I like this picture, I also think the little dough boy is funny. I didn't relize Bimbo was that far north just yet. Bimbo is a Mexican owned bakery. Here in Texas they have bought out many Texas bakerys. They buy them and have so far kept most operational with the orginal bakery names and products, even here in Texas unless it is a grocery store catering to hispanics you don't see a lot of Bimbo product labeling on the shelfs, even though they own much of what is on the shelfs. So I guess even "Made in America" can be deceiving these days.

Diane said...

Hey, I ate this kind of bread in China! Hubby and I laugh about eating "bimbo" bread. I wonder if the company is Mexican or Chinese? It's a small world . . .